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We want to share what the Coco Clean effect is! Take a look at the results of some satisfied Coco Clean customers.

Order your Coco Clean oil pulling now and get a radiant result in just 10 days.

Coco Clean resultaten Yade

Yade Thomas: Coco Clean is just a great product! In addition to giving my teeth back its natural white color, the fact that it has put my teeth in order my reason to keep rinsing every day.

Coco Clean resultaten Alessial

Alessia Fiore: Last summer I used Coco Clean and i highly recommend it! After a week the difference was already visible. My teeth immediately looked a lot whiter and healthier. That is why I now keep rinsing it every week with Coco Clean.

Coco Clean resultaten Luiza

Luiza Estevez: By drinking coffee every morning my teeth have become a lot more yellow. Since I rinse with Coco Clean every day, I have regained my natural white color and feel my teeth clean and healthy.

Coco Clean result

Sarah Bolt:  Oh what a fine product this is! Rinsing 5 minutes each day ensures white teeth and a fresh mouth.

Coco Clean resultaten Carsten

Carsten Fahrmann: Top result after a week of rinsing with the Coco Clean Extra Coco!

Coco Clean resultaten Dorris

Dorris Stanton:  You do not get shiny white teeth. But, because it is natural and my glaze is not damaged I am very pleased. My teeth have become a bit whiter and I was told by friends that my teeth look white.

Frederiqué Chevalier:  My teeth have become slightly whiter, but I notice that I have less plaque and attack on my teeth. Healthy teeth are the reason for me to continue using Coco Clean.

Coco Clean resultaten Iris

Iris Brakkee:  Lovely to rinse with! Using Coco Clean for 2 weeks now and noticed that my mouth feels very clean. In addition, my teeth have become a number of shades whiter. Thanks Coco Clean!